West Palm Beach
Palm Beach
Lake Worth
Boynton Beach
Delray Beach
Deerfield Beach
Pompano Beach
Coral Springs
Boca Raton
Ft. Lauderdale
Miami Beach
Florida City
(Gateway to the Keys)

Southeast Florida is by far the most glamorous part of Florida, with the glittery high-rises, couture-clad residents and star-studded nightlife of Miami, Fort Lauderdale and tony Palm Beach. All make their presence known in pop culture. Visitors to this area, take note: pack your trendiest, flashiest gear and be prepared to wear it, even when taking a stroll to the corner store for a bottle of ibuprofen, because the fashion show is on, all day and all night, seven days a week.

With hundreds of nightclubs, restaurants, art galleries, boutiques and live music venues throughout the area, you'll never run out of places to strut your stuff.

Of course, not everyone is delighted at the idea of spending all night hopping from club to bar with hordes of youngsters wearing four hundred dollar sunglasses. Fret not, there are many quiet beach communities in this part of Florida. While these are still affluent communities, the glitz and glamour factor is decidedly less here than in Miami and Palm Beach. Spending time on the beach, shopping, deep-sea fishing and boating are favorite ways to spend a day in this area.

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